STARSAUTHENTIC is most trusted third-party grading and authentication company in the world. STARSAUTHENTIC is a concept rather than a specific item, the existence of STARSAUTHENTIC hope all autographed items can be more specifications on sale in the market, the popularity of SA make signing certificate, certificate of channel is more simple. Different from companies such as PSA JSA see real hard to issue the certificate, we can judge the handwriting by photo is correct, this can reduce the time and cost in the process of certification.

STARSAUTHENTIC is an open organization that originated in the United States but can be added to every country in the world. The concept of STARSAUTHENTIC is that everyone can become a producer of the signature surrounding souvenirs. It's very simple to join us, if you can provide the national league players or local stars with a picture of your personal or team LOGO. If you have more than 300 photos, contact us directly and we will include you as a founding member of STARSAUTHENTIC. For example, we can give STARSAUTHENTICSPAIN the title of the first batch of FACE TO FACE autographed collectors in Spain. After the collection of more than 300 signatures and brand photos, we can give the title TO STARSAUTHENTICSPAIN. Of course, the issuance of the certificate is still recorded by SA, and you will be able to obtain the electronic version of the authentication document to print on your own. The obtaining of the certificate needs to be recognized by the professional standard procedure of the team of SA professional handwriting appraiser KEVIN JOHNSON.

STARSAUTHENTIC has gathered the FACE TO FACE signatures everywhere.

  • We have established an exchange platform for the world's top collectors, such as STARSAUTHENTICSPAIN, STARSAUTHENTICUSA, STARSAUTHENTICCHINA STARSAUTHENTICENGLAND, and other large local autograph collection organizations.
  • When doing business around the world, several organizations can exchange orders. It makes business more smooth, increases the supply of goods and simultaneously compensates for a certain area of the short board.
  • MSTARSAUTHENTIC is not directly involved. We just provide the handwriting authentication certificate and other services. We hope that the autographed industry can be promoted.

STARSAUTHENTIC shows you how to make your signature items better.

Framed is one of the best ways to display a signature item, which insulates the air and makes it difficult to oxidize. Signature items as decorations highlight personal tastes and interests. It has both collection value and practical value. We will regularly update the image of the shirt, such as the mounting and the solution, we have a special team to study the mounting knowledge. The present mounting tutorial is limited to the use of internal communication of signatories. The mounting of the jerseys is easy to solve. Our goal is to solve the mounting of irregular objects and to share the knowledge of mounting to our customers.


STARSAUTHENTIC services are still further optimized, so far the main services involved are issuing certificates and incorporating signature data into the database. Create a channel for all countries TO sign up for FACE TO FACE, and update the dynamic information of celebrities in various industries. simply write us at the address listed below:starsauthenticservice@hotmail.com.

Each customer of a STARSAUTHENTIC Authorized Dealer is entitled to these rights.

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